interestingly enough…

Most of you all know me… most of you know that i am rather open about certain things… most of you know that i have a problem loosing my plugs (earrings), generally in the bedroom, right? so i went to work, and someone pointed out that i was missing an earring.� i reached to check and no doubtly i was missing one. then the first thought of mine… man, what the fuck did i do last night?!? this is normal for your typical drunkard. so i started thinking about it, then i came up with the only reason. i really must have seduced the hell outta myself last night. i dont remember so it must not have been that good, but hell if i lost an earring, it had to have been worth something, right?

well, im off to go find that damn plug, and try to loose it again, maybe this time ill remember…. later!

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