…warped tour…

warped tour fucking rocked! i got up yesterday around 6:00 to get to work around 7ish left at 11:30 to get to joes by noon… ended up rolling to robinson to get food, joe bought me a double cheese burger, then we get there, after drinking some vodka and redbull, i took one sip of a beer and instantly puked… that sucked! once that was done, i felt fine and continued on my drinking. i think we hung out for like an hour, then we went in. i cant remember the exact details of which bands i saw playing, but transplants played ok, same with mcr, strung out rocked, thrice kicked fucking ass (i fel like i was gonna die in that pit), avenged sevenfold was sweet, atreyu was badass! basically i went from two stages back and forth, with an occasional beer run.

at one point i was lost… joe just left me in the pit and took off. eventually i found him stumbling around where he was looking for erica, and he lost his cell phone (in his back pocket) so we went looking for her, i was walking around looking, and just as easily as i found him, i lost him. i was on my own again. fortunately i found some of the skrewloose crew to hang out with, so i wasnt all by myself without a cell phone… eventually i get word that joe ended up in the EMS, and the fuckers wouldnt let me go see him since i had a beer in my hand. whores!

so yea, warped tour rocked, im sunburned as shit now, im really sore from people landing on my head… fuck yea!

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