i love strike anywhere

so the strike anywhere show was fucking badass! once they came on, i made it round the circle pit once, and then just tried to get up as close as possible… i swear i sang into the microphone like 8 times. i love strike anywhere. they really put on a good show.

after the show joe and i ended up going over to ericas, where the weirdness of the night begins. i think we ended up going there because she had a pool, and maybe liquor. anyways, erica's mom is a funny person… i think she needs to come out to the bar with the crew once more. anyways, long story short, being i didnt have boxers or anything at all underneath my pants on for that matter, so i think erica's mom was jokingly telling me i can wear these granny panties that this one nun wouldnt wear because they were too exposing or some shit. honestly, i thought the same as i put them on then ran into the pool with a bottle of liquor i found. nobody else came into the pool with me so i was kinda bored. i floated around the pool for a bit after fighting with a raft for a while, but expect some weird ass pictures once erica gets her film developed… im not looking forward to see what i look like in womens undies.

gotta go, later!

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