vacations almost over

well im back from the first half of my vacation, which the primary objective was met. we didnt leave until sunday around 1, got there around 8:30, found a campground, pitched the tent then went to the beach were we drank 5 beers in 15 minutes, went back to the campground and just bull shitted as we drank almost a whole case. Then i woke up and i actually had to brush my teeth using beer. thats a new one for me. then drank some more beer, then went to the beach… man it was hot down there. i really wish i actually had a room down there. basically when i wasnt in the water, i was pissed off at how hot it was. monday night i got smashed and went for a long walk, met some people on the beach and tried to find a cool place to hangout. that didnt work. ocean city sucks. then tuesday, woke up, got drunk, went to the beach, ya know… the usual. then me and luke left the beach around 6 in search of a bar that was cooler. we stopped at secrets or some shit to find out a) its an outdoor bar, and b) two beers and two shots costed $20! so we left to go get yager from the liquor store, we drank them quickly, then there was some confusion with me and luke, where he ripped out my earing so i punched him in the face. we parted after that, and i headed to the boardwalk. met some cool people, bought some PBR, hung out on the beach and had to run when the cops came. im not sure what exactly happened after that, i was really drunk, but when i woke up outside the tent wednesday, i was soaking wet, covered in sand, missing cigarettes and a lighter, and really sick to my stomach. we woke up wednesday, ate breakfast went to the beach, and up and left for home one day early because ocean city is boring. so last night we had company over where we had a strange conversation for a while… drunk people say funny things… thats all i can say. however tequila can really getcha drunk, i actually have some trouble remembering certain things from last night but there is glittery shit all over my house…

anyways, its friday, about 8:00ish and i need to go down the bar or something, i cant stay at home three nights in a row. later!

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