well today is my last day of work until the 18th, i am extremely excited. i dont take vacations often… so for vacation, luke and i are driving down to ocean city i think, without a place to sleep still, without fucking anything basically, and see how long we can stay down there. if we make it to thursday we have succeeded. the primary objective: get drunk and play in the ocean. we need not discuss the other objectives.

this day is going to take forever!! it feels as if i was here for 3 hours so far and its only been like 45 minutes. FUCK!!!

i tried to kill the badger on wednesday evening, that didnt quite work out, luke scared it off. but i was close, i was only a few yards away from the bushes it was in, i just couldnt see it to get my hands on the damn thing.

we started riding the big shit at the trails… it was kinda hard but it should work out. i cant wait to ride them again after we made some adjustments. joe got further than me through it, bastard! 🙂 we are so gonna get hurt on these things when we actually fall.

as for the crx, i went to paint it on sunday but woke up too late… oh well. i decided to just paint it the way it is, since it was only $80 for the paint, and slap some graphics on the side of it to cover up my somewhat noticable body work. this whole thing is just silly. i just wanna drive it now, since its better gas milage and its a stick.

well ok i wasted 10 minutes, which felt like forever! fuck!!!

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