holy fuck am i dumb.

i was sitting here at work after we all were bitching about paying for parking and something hit me… i am paying nearly $500 a month just to drive to work. its breaks down in three areas.
1) car payment: $235/mo
2) car insurnace: $120/mo
3) parking: $120/mo

this does not make me happy at all. its costing me 19% of my salary just to drive to work. what the fuck!

now i do have the crx which is closer to being done and then i can sell the truck, however that will only eliminate 1/2 of the problem. im not sure what will happen when i drop the truck from my insurance and register my crx. but ill imagine that it will drop insurance costs in half. then i started thinking about the parking thing. i am thinking of buying a cheap ass motorcycle, and just parking that on the street. and getting rid of the parking fees…

so here is what needs done. sell the truck for loan buy-out. finish the crx at the exact same time. then quickly aquire a cheap ass motorcycle, or hell even purchase a new sportster which would only cost me like 130/mo. no wait. fuck that i am talented enough to make a shitty motorcycle pretty decent.

just my thoughts.

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