fuck yinz

mullet fund far from came where we needed it, the only people that contributed we joe, missi,�shawn and myself along with some strangers at 31st street pub.� 3 of which were there for the thought of the idea.� maybe a mullet is just not that funny to you all… now we cant even decided to pony up the dough to do it. since we didnt get a single online donation or shirt/hat sale. fuck!!! even people at 31st pub did something to help. whatever…

been diggin a good bit lately. our trails are gonna kills us. they are sick.� joe and i rode area 51 yesterday. it was fun. that place makes me tired. it did give us a good idea for a section at our trails.

i've been sober for an entire work week! ya know what that means?!? i thought so. i need a seatbelt for tomorrow.

the crx is getting somewhere. the bumper is on, the holes in the trunk are almost welded up. note: welding 1977 american sheet metal to an 87 japanese cars is tricky. stupid weak ass japanese metal!�i still�need to get my truck inspected.

last week, we went to agnostic front, where my�joes boss cracked his skull backflipping off stage and eventually joe got kicked out. last weekend was badass, i went to social d friday, saw friends i havent seen in a while. it was fun, especially in the pit. though this is the 2nd social d show i went to and once again, another $7 beer got knocked outta my hands.� then get this… we went to rumshakers. dont ask. all in all it was a fun time, though the goal wasnt met. oh well. saturday we did… something i cant quite remember, probably just dug or something but i know i was at iguana grill with dom and heather. then sunday we had a cook out at the house, where once again, all purchased pbr was gone. gotta love that shit. monday, i ended up diggin and then helping�jeremy move some shit to his new apt, then josh came over for a bit, and then josh and i ended up at the moose where i figured out i drank way too much. went home then worked all week. now here i am.

k im gonna go sleep so i can get to work early, so i can leave work early to get this party started…

later, and fuck you who didnt help or promote the mullet fund!

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