god damn…

sorry, i redirected the blog to the mullet fund page in order to get more donations, and not one stranger donated anything, and i sold 4 items. this might not work.

anyways, as for my weekend. Friday, joe, erica, lippy, and i�went to the iguana, hung out there for a while, then went down to ruggers for car bombs.� walked all the way down carson st to find out they were outta guiness. so eventually we went back to the iguana. on the way back, i ended up jumping through a door, and didnt get cut on glass so thats cool. at the iguana we payed like�$5 for them there instead of�$3. lippy puked his up, hahaha!�saw someone there that i didnt expect to run into. i made it outta there alive though. the next thing i really remember is that i ended up waking up in mt washington all by myself, without my truck since its not inspected, and driving home late friday or saturday night is just bad when your vehicle isnt legal. i was pissed off at luke, so i didnt call him, joe's phone�was�dead, my dad didnt answer, dom was working, so i didnt know what else to do except start walking since i didnt wanna bother anyone else. i walked all the way from the far end of mt washington, through the ghetto, and all the way to carrick high school where my dad decided to pick me up.� people in the ghetto looked at me kinda funny. i got home, and did yard work for a few hours, then went to go dig the trails. i cant wait for them to get done, we are gonna fuckin die! then went out again, nothing really special occurred. i was supposed to go to skrewloose in oakland, but nobody wanted to take me over there.

today i woke up, finished patching 1 corner of the crx body, then went back to the trails, rode for a bit, then started diggin. we got 2.5 jumps done. we moved a shitload of dirt, its not even funny. its gonna be worth it though in the long run. (someone just sent me a text message and it scared the shit outta me!) my body aches.� at dark, me and joe went on a�quest through�north side�to find the 24 hour beer distributor that was open on sundays too.� we spent just about an hour to find out it doesnt exist. there is a 24 hour one though that is closed on sundays, which pissed me off, because i was supposed to do something this evening and i wanted beer.� then i got pissed off again, when that thing didnt happen, i guess i got home too late. oh well. i am tired and sore as shit.


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