i think i broke something

so the crew went riding yesterday at ricks and all in all had a good time.� tricks were thrown and people fell. lippy flipped the bars on a really small double. lippy also fucked up a train by washing out on the 2nd set, and dave tried to stop but didnt really and face planted into the back of that jump. dave is a warrior though cause he rides almost in pitch black darkness.� i tried some 360s, landed two of them but this one i tried had disaster written all over it. i tried to turndown the 2nd set, which was ugly as shit, then spin the 3rd. something didnt feel right, so i threw the bike. my dumbass threw it right where i was landing, so i landed full force straight onto my taint on the seat.� it kinda hurt, but i tried riding some more.� afterwards i go home and into the shower to find out that i was definately bleeding because of this. oh well. shit happens.�

its raining today, so imma try to be really productive and get some shit done that needs to be done, so i gotta roll.


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