…one hell of a party weekend…

so this weekend goes like this… friday night, the kegger at my house was damn cool.� ended up having alot of people show up, alot of which i did not really know again.� People were argueing like the entire time. i was getting more and more mad over the silly dramatic shit and eventually just got smashed to the point where i dont remember anything from the hours of 2:00am – 5:30am.� i remember punching a piece of furniture and leaving the emblem on my ring in it, and then i remember going to denny's with the crew. there is a video of it all, but you have to ask me for it. i didnt even watch the whole thing, cause it just pissed me off.

saturday night… i didnt wanna be bothered with anything, so i planned on meeting dom and heather and go somewhere where i could not be found. we decided on going to a different bar so i wouldnt be found, but the plan was spoiled, and i ended up going to the usual place for saturdays… the iguana.� hung out there for a while, and then wadlow called me asking me if i wanna go to a keg party in mt lebo.� i eventually left the iguana, right before the bar closed. and headed to mt lebo… and met up with wadlow and got to this party, where they were playing beer pong in the dining room.

so i get to this party and there was like 10 people there for a keg. the only people i knew where keady and sexton.� i dont remember a whole heck of alot this night either, but at one point i was cornered in a kitchen being forced to do something.� then i remember going upstairs and holding sexton up for a keg stand.� i also remember trying to milk a dog, too. that� i kinda dropped him on the edge of the bathtub. he passed out shortly thereafter.� so i was just chilling in the living room, and a cat brought in this lil baby rabbit, which apearently had its neck broken. i tried to save it.� once i felt it was ready, i set it outside under a bush. i went back to check on it, but the attempt failed. it had died, so i brought it back in, and decided it needed a grave… so i had keady pull up sextons belt and underwear, and i shoved that lil furry fuck into sextons ass crack.

about 20 minutes later, another cat brought in another lil baby rabbit that was like bent in half backwards… i once again, tried to help, but failed… it just get gasping for air. so, being the drunkard i am, i decided to put this one with its brother, this time using a mt. dew bottle to make sure they were down far enough.� about 5 minutes later, the last one i put in there started squealling and kicking around. sexton didnt move. sexton eventually rolled over, then got up, went to the bathroom, came back downstairs and went back to sleep, WITH THEM STILL IN HIS PANTS! i couldnt stop laughing… eventually i went upstairs, and eventually passed out since someone was giving me a backrub.

i then woke up next to this bitch named lucky, which is the dog i tried to milk. someone was telling me that sexton woke up and was walking upstairs to go the the bathroom and one of the rabbits fell out.� then he found the other one as he was taking a piss.� he laughed super hard cause he is one of the few people in this world that passed out and had dead rabbits shoved in his ass crack. anyways, i had a SPLITTING headache, so i decided to have some beer for breakfast. ended up leaving around 5 as i was somewhat held captive there. that needs to stop happening to me.� so i left the house, and found the rabbits on on my car, under the windshield wipers… so i just left them there, and i drove all around yesterday with them there.� i got some strange looks by people… it was fuckin priceless.

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