…i have seen the unseen…

so yea… i woke up this morning feeling like absolute fucking hell… it SUCKED! stumbled outta my bedroom, and found people in my living room. then i remembered the night i had.� we went to the tiger army show yesterday… me and shawn picked up a 30 pack, and drank like half of it before the show.� got in and lost city angels were playing… they were ok.� then fuckin the unseen came on. that shit rocked! big ass circle pits full of people with liberty spikes and all… then tiger army came on. i lost all my o-rings for my earings, then lost an earing, then i lost my phone, and someone straight up stole shawns hat.� after the show, we waited outside to see the fuck that stole his hat, that didnt work out. but i did manage to get my phone back since we called it constantly until someone answered it and it ended up being in the bartenders hands.� then some 17 year old chick found my plug… we just never came across the hat.� then we decided, hey its 10:00pm lets fuckin party… drove home. picked people up on the way there, came back to the house and got smashed on beast, so-co and whatever… all i know is i dont remember much after the show… kinda sucks, cause from what i hear it was a hellava good time.

yea so im kinda sick so i think im goin to sleep…

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