wow! i dont post shit anymore

so yea… i apologize for not posting stuff, but i've been rather busy lately with shit. so here is a quick rundown of whats up.

project riceburner – i went to a junkyard with joe saturday, and found the exact same car with many decent parts on it. i grabbed what i needed off it, but i need to go back and grab the wheels, sun roof, and the sun roof motor. i tried pulling the core support out since i bought the bumpers and really wanted to put them on. yea… that didnt quite work out all too great, but the bumper lines up straight. the one headlight is definately still and inch off. i still havent purchased the body kit for it yet, but im saving up for it. I started looking into the suspension to lower it and got really confused.

work – work has been ok for once. i am really busy and i had to go in for 6 hours last sunday to restore the production web server. that sucked. i still am not used to the fact that i cant blast music, and my ears are actually sore from wearing earbuds. today i really went to lunch at 2:30. that seemed weird.

bmx – rode trails on sunday. it was fun, but there just are not enough jumps at whited yet and its been too fucking dry to dig. well at least it rained today, so maybe ill go dig tomorrow.

drinking stories – ha! man do i have some stories! you'll have to ask me personally about most of these, granted i remember. but last night, i went down to some place where josh and jeremy were guest-bartending. it was interesting. the music fuckin sucked, but i watched carlington walk up to my one friend, look her right in the eye very seriously, from like 8″ away ,and say something like “you are the sexiest girl in this bar.” i laughed. luckily her boyfriend wasnt around. josh is a funny bartender though. he kept giving me the wrong fuckin beer. oh well.� friday i stretched my ears at the bar up 4 guages… that kinda sucked for a few minutes. the this morning i woke up and one was missing. i found it, went to put it in, and my ear just started dripping blood. that sucked too. i finally got it in at work though so im content.

i need to go do laundry, work on the crx some more, pay more bills, call my bank, among other miscellaneous tasks.

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