lets see here…

last week sucked, i worked a ton to get the office moved.� friday night I went out drinking and embarrassed myself and some co-workers over a comment about people that share our office meanwhile they were right next to me.� then bounced from bar to bar, and eventually pissed luke and other people off. then after the bar was closed, killed an entire case of guiness and magically found myself lost and i was missing a kidney or two… passed out until 10:30pm.� then saturday night, dom,heather, luke, myself, and josh hung out at my house, then joe came over drunk off his ass. then missi came over.� drank all night again,well for the most part.

then today at work was kinda boring, i am still not unpacked, and i gots tons of shit to do.� i left around 6:30 even though i didnt take alunch. josh called me to see if i wanna take his one crx off his hands in which i think i am going to tomorrow after work.� also i finally fixed my cat, and the grand total was 9:48 for flange gaskets, since the cat costed me nothing… thanks jay.

later, its time to sleep

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