god damn i am accident prone!

so due to the way i live, i have the following problems.� a) bite marks on my nose and nipple from a leopard gecko. b) a burned middle finger from 151 and stupidity. c) a pretty good burn on the roof of my mouth from 300 degree pizza.�d) sprained/broken foot from falling up stairs. e)lump on head from more 151 stupidity. f)right ear is deaf from an air hammer and a catalytic converter. g) my ass is sore. im not sure why.

so yea, last night was kinda boring, i stopped by the moose, then headed to to iguana cause i was sick of waiting for everyone. ken was working the door, talking to some chicks that wanted to make out, i tried to sqeeze by and then�i was told that i had to make out with ken. i really thought he was gonna do it, but fortunately he didnt. then decided to go home and sleep, but on the way recieved a call, and headed to beavercats's girls house were everyone was like passed out already, and ended up drinking with a few people until around 3:30. then i fell asleep on the floor.

i woke up, came home, and started rippin my truck apart, to find out that what was broke is gonna cost me $257 for direct fitted part. yea.. imma throw a $30 cat on there with some welding and it will be all good. i really thought my inspection was up this month, but its next month, so im gonna be driving a really loud s10 for a lil.

i need a shower… later!

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