well today i woke up, and for a reason i cant explain here, i decided it would be best to wear underwear.� now you may or may not know, i stopped wearing those well over a year ago, so this was quite a bit of a change for me. i did not fuckin like it.

on a good note, today i ate bbq wings for lunch so i was happy, cause the place we go has the best fuckin wings ever.

on another good note, i got my gentoo machine burning cds (takes a bit longer than my old windows machine, but oh well.� at least i figured out how to do it!! i also got my machine working with my damn digital camera, which was a bitch and a half to figure out, and honestly im not sure how i did it or what port i was missing or what… point is it works.� now all i need it to fix the sound quality a little more and get some video editing software and ill be fuckin set.

i gotta go to sleep, cya

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