the weekend…

yea so, friday night, due to the fact that a did what i did to luke on thursday we kinda just hung out at the house and dom and heather came over. we just hung out watching movies and eating pizza and shit like that.  then saturday we started the whited project.  so we dug for a while, got a six pack running, then immediately headed to the soufside for the h20 show. when i got to my truck i realized that i left the keys in the ignition… opps, so i broke into that this morning 🙂  the show was decent… im not very pleased with all ages show at the rex, but hey thats whats left in town. the entire night was quite an interesting one.  then, i woke up, feeling not so good, and went to go get my truck, brought it back, ended up having to go to work, came back home, screwed around trying ot get my computer to work the way i want it to, then suddenly BAM! im on the floor in mad pain in my stomach, for god knows why.  the shit fuckin hurts and i wish i could understand what it is.  ive been trying to fall asleep since 10pm and i just cant do it. i just sit there in bed in almost agony since it hurts so bad. then i decide to drink some water, and instantly that came right out with alot of other things im sure you dont really wanna know about… and im not pleased. so now here i am, drinking a coors light since i hate puking especially when im sober, so im trying to make this a little more tolerable.


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