ok… so

saturday night, i met dom heather and her sister at Dees… stayed for a while, and eventually left for the moose that was jam packed with gay people. and i mean actual gay people. so i had to prevent dom from killing one of them by getting in the way of one from him, since i didnt feel like fighting. then we just went to iguana, where john spilled shit on me. ran into some people from high school that i couldnt remember who they were. then i left when the bar was closed to go party in mt lebo at rick's girls house with the bmx crew plus some. hung out there for a while until i passed out in mid sentance around 5:30ish i think. woke up on the floor, magically had a pillow under me too 🙂 then a small crew went to denny's for breakfast, and i pigged out there. then i went home, and eventually went on a mission to find more dark blue dickies in my size, that are double kneed (i pretty much ruined all mine). i failed miserably. but i bought some other miscellaneous things that i kinda needed, though i had to pay with a check… oh well. i only stood in line for fuckin an hour.

today at worked just sucked. i really wish i had my home computer there so i can figure out how to burn cds. im going insane not being able to. same with the digital camera… sometimes i wonder why i switched to linux… i really need to stay awake for a while so i can put my clothes in the dryer, i really dont want to wear wet clothes to work again. i hate doin that in the winter. i also need to start fuckin goin to sleep earlier. sleeping 2am-8am just aint cuttin it. the problem relies with work though. i dont want to go to work early because a) traffic b) im always fucking there until like 6:30-7:00ish anyways, c) my bed is really just comfortable.

screw it… i dont think im gonna wait for my clothes to finish washing…

[one hour later]
um yea… something has got to be fucked up with my phone. i just got a text message, but it is dated from 8:40ish pm… interesting. but i guess ill change my laundry now 🙂 so in the long run this actually worked out for the better

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