weeee its 2:45am

so its 2:45am, i just got home from some party at ricks girlfriends house that had an individual party on the first and 3rd floor… yea even though its wednesday night.  anyways… crystal has some cool firends, even though one of her "guy friends" wears makeup just like the people i hate.  whatever… i just made myself a home-made egg McMuffin, and that thing fucking rocks!!! 3 eggs, 2 pieces of cheese, all on a nicely buttered english muffin!  gasp, god i swear if i ever get a girlfriend again, this is a must for either a) after hour breaskfast or b) hang-over solution.  honestly, i am unsure how good it tastes, but i love this damn thing, what i need to do is go get sausage patties for these… but that can wait for now.

im kinda mad that luke made me leave that party, but im sure he had good intentions for this, at least he fuckin better!  yea i understand he has to be at work in the morning, but im just gonna go to work in a few minutes to perfrom some tasks that i cant do during that middle of the day.

i wonder what kinda shit is gonna go down tomorrow night!

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