a few quick notes…

1) compiling gentoo linux from stage 1 takes too fucking long
2) quitting smoking sucks ass!
3) not drinking beer sucks ass too!
4) i hate it when there isnt music playing in my house
5) work ruins my life

1) yea, if you decided to install linux on your computer, and choose gentoo because of the flexibility and configurability especially with nvidia agp cards, try to start with the stage 3 install. i went with stage 1 and ive been here for hours staring at the gcc compiler output and its starting to piss me off mostly because i havent even compiled the damn kernel yet and i am really dreading tryin to get gnome on there.

2) yea i havent smoked a cigarette since saturday night.  i am ready to kill, but i want to have more endurance when riding so i have to stop smoking.  AGH! this sucks!

3) who would have guessed this one coming?!? normally i have beer with or for lunch and dinner. i havent touched this too since saturday night. though at the rate this gentoo installation is taking, i wouldnt doubt if i go get one shortly…

4) the mnemic cd has stopped 3 times so far since i dont have it on repeat and it takes me a while to realize it.  when i do, i get really annoyed when its that quiet in my house. is that weird?

5) work takes up entirely too much of my damn time.  i wake up, go to work, leave work, and its fuckin dark out. GOD! i cant even get to citizens bank by the time i leave!!! FUCK!!

yea so im gonna go back to staring at my fuckin stupid lil project, or go jack off or rip my bike apart or something cause i cant sit in front of a computer anymore…

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