ok so whats been up?  wednesday was joes birthday where we went to the south side. got completely smashed and then i cant remember exactly what all happened, but my foot and elbow hurt on thursday and friday joe asked me if i ran into ricks truck and asked me why he woke up all muddy.  i couldnt asnwer him.

last night, the c1 crew headed to ruggers pub to go play beer pong, in which i think i lost, cause i was very smashed at the end, but i had to drink for tracy since she doesnt drink beer.  then we went to shootz. i remembered liking that place alot more a while back, but now i think i hate it. then we went to the moose. the moose was weird cause they had a dj playing shit i couldnt take, so we left there and went to dees.  that is were i started feeling like i was dying.  i cant explain it, but i just dont feel right. oh well

now i have to go to work, cause the fucking email server is fucking down again.  i am ready to rip that thing out of the rack and whip the damn thing out the window.  and then i am off to ruggers again to see jeremy's band and shiver.


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