weekends go by too fast…

…and weekdays go too fuckin slow.  its already sunday night, and im already dreading on going to work.  i already cant wait until next friday.  mostly because i get to go to ruggers on saturday for the skrewloose/shiver show and joe turns 21 on wednesday so this week should be interesting.  Last night was a differnt saturday night… instead of goin out drinking myself to death, i went out coyote hunting with my dad from like 8-midnight. it was kinda cold, and we didnt see any coyote, so i was kinda disappointed.  so then i went down to met up with luke and dom in the souf side, and found them at the iguana.  i really dont like that place all too much anymore.  there are always the wrong crowd in there.  i had a few beers and realized that drunk people are annoying when i am sick and sober.  by the time i left there, my hand was killing me to the point where i couldnt even hold onto the steering wheel, and its getting close to feeling like that right now, and im getting pissed off about it.

whatever… today we went to joe's surprise b-day party at pizza hut and found out something funny about my one cousin.  then went to best buy for a usb keyboard for work, but coulnt find one that wasnt wireless. same thing at circuit city.  but i did find a ps2 -> usb converter there.  took that to work, and starting working on a computer that i left there broken on friday.  then i decided to get the damn exchange server out of my office, and back into the server room.  i also tried to rebuild the RAID array in it… and failed miserably. oh well. fuck that thing.

im bored… i need to go fuckin do something but i dunno what.

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