ok so last night the co-workers and my brother and myself went out to the souf side, where we hung out at the moose for a while… i was kinda mad so i kept pounding beer. eventually we left and ended up at Dee's were i bet luke 5 bucks he wouldnt go talk to some girls that he was staring at…. yea i lost that bet.  anyways, there was this guy there that was a complete alcoholic claiming that he just got outta jail for murdering 17 families.  he kept bothering all the groups of girls there, and it just annoyed me to see people so unhappy, so me and luke kept going over to the people, and ask that dude why he is messing with our girlfriends.  its kinda funny since i never met these people and i really had no intention on pickin up any woman.  eventually that asshole left, as did we as we headed back to the moose and then back to kopy's i think.  Kopy's s where shit got interesting.  All of us were pretty smashed, and then people started tapping glasses together to make them foam up and spill all over the place.  then just randomly i look over my shoulder and luke was making out with some chick. way to go luke, even though she is like 10 years older than you 😉  weird times…

k im goin to go kill devil dogs… lata!

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