pissed off as usual

today i went to work, had to explain the mail server crashing on sunday at least 3 times, and the whole hand thing like 8 times.  oh well.  more importantly, i cant believe what my fuckin hand looks like now…  you would never guess it went down through the meat. check it:
the cut
see who the fuck needs stitches!  hopefully this thing goes away all the way soon.  so i sat here watching the fbm videos and was seriously contemplating calling off work tomorrow just go to ride. my hopes were destroyed when i went to go type the email, and then i remembered about the chunk of shit missing from my palm. pissed me off!  blah blah blah. i wanna ride my fucking bike!!! damnit!

on another note… my ol' ferret really stinks today. yuengling just doesnt taste the same out of a can. someone donated a new leather chair to the house that is sooo comfortable, i cant wait to um… nevermind.  we are also gonna get a new couch in the near future so im content.  i dont know how my couch got so broke, i know who did it, i dont know how they did it thought especially from the story. i feel really weird cause i spent almost $1500 dollars getting my bills up to date, that fuckin sucks!!!for a while i thought i was rich, oh well.

its time to get back to my bmx videos to lata fuckers!

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