hehehe! look what i did!!!


so i went to go help dom unload his tools and shit at the bmw dealership where he starts on monday, and my stupid ass didnt realize that the bottom of a toolbox is nothing but sheet metal.  i slid my hand down the edge as we were taking it out of the blazer, and before i knew it, blood was dripping on the floor.  so i went home, started rummaging through papers to find out how to use my insurance, and gave up and just went to the E.R.  i got there, signed in, and waited. and waited and waited and waited… about an hour after nobody calling my name, i left to go take care of this on my own… luke cut off the skin that i didnt need, and dumped peroxide on it and we bandaged it. Now here i am on my way to go fix someone's computer and then i am headed to the souf side.


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