what the hell did i do this weekend???  um… thursday went to the moose for a bit with luke and then to some place i cant remember with steph, came home and started working… and i fully passed out while standing up and cooking. that kinda hurt when i awoke, then started working again, fell asleep at my desk, and did that about 5 times.  friday went to Kopy's. that bar is fuckin cool.  they actually have dead animals mounted on the wall.  hung out there for a while talkeding about the usual fun stuff and got quite smashed.  then i ended up coming home way later then i wanted.  saturday, we did the redneck thing with the car until 4:00am but on a good note, the car is done. we have successfully did it! i couldnt believe the car turned on. today i did something that i hope makes a fuckin change in my life… i opened a new bank account up. ive wanted to do that since december. today i finally got around to it.  i also did something else that i should have done a long time ago, so i was on a roll today. then me and luke went to primantis by century 3. yuengling was on special 😀 so i was happy, thought the bartender was a bitch.  i watched full metal jacket today.  that movie rocks! now im watching batman movies… i wish i was batman, and had all those badass toys. hell i wish i had the toys that the bad guys have. and why do the bad guys always get the hot chicks?. eh whatever. that topic is just gonna depress me.

i have a ton of work to do so, lata.

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