feel like dirt

today i feel like dirt.  i miss my girl. yea i actually do.  i was watching the best of the winter x-games and realized i would never be famous.  even if i get as good as all the pro snowboarders, i think i am too old to just hop in the ring with them. same thing with bmx.  either way i will never stop doin either of them, but when you realize that you will never amount to anything, its kinda a hard smack in the face with a shovel.  you think to yourself… why do i do this? then you remember they didnt even have x-games when i started riding hell i learned 360's at Carmalt the year of the first x-games… same idea with snowboarding. its just fuckin fun! fuck!  then i started thinking of starting a hardcore band… i am comin up with more and more lyrics that would just rock, but i lack musical talent with the instruments needed. i rocked at playin the trumpet and clarinet in elementary and middle school, hell i was even in fuckin chorus… but the only guitar i had i blew up outta frustration. i am white so its hard for me to hear drums, however i can still play them yet dont have them, and i have no idea about bass.  all i can really do is scream, and scream i would.  i have so many things i need to get outta my system, i think that would help.  Fuck it helps if i just scream a FATA song.  i love music, i love my bike, i love my snowboard… but i tell ya… i fuckin hate girls.  i never understand them. i cant even begin to think what kind of thought process they have.  i think i am i nice person but they just drive me insane… whatever…

so anyways, i am headed to dave and busters tonight.. i know… i know… i dont really wanna go there, but steph asked if we all would go, and she is a good old friend.  who knows what will happen throughout the night. 

now i am supposed to go hunting tonight after i leave there.  what are we hunting for at night? coyotes.  why? i dunno… but hell gives me a reason to shoot a gun and kill something. i feel like killing somone, but something will work.  rockon!

see ya asses lata!

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