rant of the day

ok so i woke up at like 1:30 since we were up until 3:00am last night working on the malibu's head gasket.  Me luke and dom spent most of the time, just sitting around the front of the car guzzling beer like the rednecks we are. It was fun!  Hopefuly the car will be out of my garage next weekend so i can change my u-joints and catalytic converter. 

Oh yea, and lydia left me yesterday morning too at 11:30 am.  anyways, i am seriously just curious what the fuck is wrong with me.  Girls that claim to love me, leave me to go live in southern states.  Two of the past 3 girls i had somewhat serious relationships with did this.  Whatever… if you love someone, you wouldnt leave them… right???  i just dont get it. 

so here i am again all alone, and i am not letting this shit happen again.


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