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so to go on more about the snowboarding of the weekend… day 2 was all in all a success. we were all drinkin on the slopes, didnt fall a whole lot, with the exception of when luke and i went through the woods in 2' of powder where we just kept getting stuck or ran into tress, so i just started tackling the fuckin things. at one point me and luke went to jump of a drop, luke went to the right, and i went left for the bigger drop, long story short… i lost control going blind sided down the hill, turn around and the second i did, plowed into luke really hard, flipped, smashed my face into the ground, and kept flipping. suddenly i hear luke sayin DUDE! get up, and we just laughed our asses off. luke then pointed out my lip was bleeing, and eventually i found out i knocked on of my teeth loose. 🙂 im now one step close to being a hick ass mother fucker.i cant wait to go again.
i really wish i never had to work, my days would be so much more exciting… days full of riding, workin on cars, snowboarding, drinking, and havin sex… all i need to do is come up with an idea that would allow me to have all kinds of money and time… like invent something (i have a few ideas i need to work on)
~gotta go start, later fuckers!

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