remainder of the weekend

so saturday afternoon, luke and myselft went to boyce park to go snowboard, which was supposed to have the longest half pipe in PA…. to find that there is no half pipe there this weekend!!! i was soo pissed. and then to top it off, there was only 3 trails open.  so we rode what we could, i got fucked up alot tryin 360s of stupid little jumps… then we went home, and ate something and took off to meet dom at iguana grill, then to go get lydia, and go bowl, where on our way out, we landed the VW into a hole the size of texas, and couldnt get out… i fell in a puddle of slush, and to make a long story short, went through hell tryin to get this car out of the pothole, for nothing. 

today was boring, i woke up at 1pm, went on a journey to find beer for the steeler game to watch the steelers lose!!! IM FUCKIN PISSED OFF ABOUT THAT!  my back fuckin hurts like never felt before… i must be getting old. 


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