bored as fuck

i am bored as fuck, and im waiting for an install of win 2k server to finish for a little project.  so here i am thinking about the drunken stupor i was in last night.  The day started off at the moose where i ran into sean dimas, luke ran into the girl from the deli, and i now understand why he was so pissed off on halloween.  we pounded some beer, and then kenny called me, we went to the hard rock, to see ryan fameli and derek tappy's band play, and that was just downright weird… all i can say is that the music did not fit the hard rock. anyways, while we were there, i ran into all kinds of people i cant even remember.  Michelle fed us beer all night, and by 1:30 i was absolutely smashed.  i just talked to lydia, she said something about me talking to her on the phone while i was watching my piss freeze on the sidewalk 🙂 good times. good times…

as for thursday, i went to dee's left around 1:00 to end up fighting with lydia until about 4:45am i havent seen her since 9:00am Friday morning. whatever…

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