oh, where to start…

ok so its been a while so here goes… birthday was boring, i went to shootz and dees and got drunk. yea, im 23 now :-/ im not thrilled.  cant remember tuesday so it couldnt have been that bad. Wednesday i went to ohio to chenga. that fuckin rocked! i learned walrides out of mini ramps, and i went balls out with 360s but kept casing except for the last one i tried. then joes car broke down on the way home… i still dont know if he went back to go get it. all in all i think it was a good time, even the blizzard we drove through to get home.  thursday was its typical thrusday night at dees, where i woke up extremely hung over on christmas eve. Went shopping for a present that did not exist, and then went to mom's house for christmas eve, she bought me air tools for a present. WOOHOO! then went to Dom's for late christmas eve where people were fighting and we just ignored it and tried to get drunk.  Christmas day, i went over lydia's met the parents and whatnot, then went to NiNis for dinner where my family acted like thier normal selves.  Today i woke up, met my mom and randy at Eat'n'park, then went to the northside and drank in a parking lot at 11:20am, then went to the steeler/raven game. Now here i am waiting for the roll pan i just painted that i bought for my truck to dry and i am really excited to put it on with the air tools i now have.

exciting, huh?

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