pissed off today

today i am pissed off at alot of things, primarily the people of pittsburgh not being able to drive in the fucking snow. its so fucking aggitating! i mean i was going so slow down a hill that my ABS didnt even kick on and caused me to slide… on another note, i think i am gonna try to get rid of my xtreme! that thing was just not built for me, i hate the fact that it has ABS, and how light the backend is, plus i am tired of bottoming the airdam off the ground 3 times just on my way to work. i need something a lil more useful in by which i mean has 4wd and looks badass, and i could tweak with. Maybe a 4×4 s-10 zr2, trail blazer, wrangler, or something more um… me. i just keep diggin myself in the hole with automobiles… eh fuck it. one day i will be rich and wont have to worry about it. actually i just want a piece of fuck truck again that i will not have to make payments on… but in the mean time i will have to install the roll pan on my truck, and then fix the leaky catalytic converter or whatever is making the god awful noise under the cab. then i can start a new whitetrash project on something i like.

i am so pissed off i dont even feel like typing…

fuck it

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