man did i nail a bees nest with a rock

ok so i came home from the bar last night rather intoxicated and appearantly starting spilling out my thoughts on my website… just random things of how i felt at the time… personally i find it funny that i do this, but anways… i started ranting about how much has changed in the last year. someone read it, i guess didnt like it, people kept spreading the shit out like wild fire… ive been getting emails saying that i am crazy and whatnot… and i kid you not at one hour the poor server that hosts this site had around 2000 hits, IN 1 HOUR… wtf, they are just my thoughts.  Im not gonna go out and kill myself, nor am i going to kill others, well without good reason. i am aloud to think… i think, and i like to share my thoughts with people.  You people need to realize that i am not just what you read on my website… i write stuff to be funny, to make others think, or just to spill out my drunken stupidity, since i avoid bothering people at the bar with that.

i got shit to do… later!

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