¡es jueves!

¡Jueves significan que su hora de ir consiga borracho en el café de Dee! oh yes it is Dee's night! i just wanna get outta my office so bad! im gonna have a long weekend full of running around being extremely busy with cars (transmission of taurus and cat on the extreme), possibly hunting, possibly riding, possibly taking lydia out on a "date" since we havent been out in a while, and must watch the steeler game on sunday. REMINDER: buy beer! anyways i really cant wait to get outta work. i know that this happy hour kinda thing isnt gonna be nearly as eventful as last since we will be missing some people, but still point being i havent been in the souf side in a week so im excited. i also have diagnosed myself with mono… as i am extremely sore and cant stop coughing. i rode for a few hours on sunday but i didnt fall hard and i am really fuckin sore! i also wanted to get some christmas shopping done this weekend but i dont see that happening with all the shit thats gonna happen. ok well i gotta get back to work to get some shit done. lata fools!

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