i hate ferret poop

well here is day 2 of thanksgiving where i am going to eat a 2nd dinner at my moms. im gonna get fat this weekend.¬† anyways, wednesday night i went out with luke to the southside, went to dees since that is my main source of cigarettes as of late, since they are free. hung out there for a while playin pool, and then dom and heather came, and a few other friends… then i had to leave to go pick someone up from work, since she couldnt find another ride home. got into all kinds of shit on my way there… ended up being late and she wasnt there… and i was breathing smoke, shit just kept getting worse… anyways using drunken yet ingenious tactics i found her, took her home, went back to dees to find my phone… couldnt find it. so i just started downing beer after beer after beer… and then the bar closed, so i left with more beer in my pockets. headed home… i think, were i think i just passed out, since i dont quite remember much¬†after that.

anyways ferret shit is fuckin rank! its disgusting… it burns your nose with a good enough whiff of it!


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