winter must be close

winter is close… i know this because it the old throat is pissin me the fuck off already.  every fucking winter, it hurts for just about the entire season… oh fucking well. i should just take my ass to a doctor, but im a fuckin moron who is afraid to use his health insurance again. last time i was there, i couldnt walk on my on foot, they sent me to the ER, where i waited patiently for 4 hours for them to tell me to go home. i wouldnt have a prob with that, but they then charged me $300 or so for that… riiight! ill pay that bill! anyways, i made my own home remedy for a sore throat tonight… its the "milkacow throat fixer". this consists of 2 PBRs, 3 yuenglings, 2 decent swigs of nyQuil, and 4 prairie fires (2 parts tequila to 1 part hot sauce).  at least now i can yawn without wanting to remove my own fuckin tonsils.  its a good combination!!

fuck… im gonna go to bed before 2am, phew! lata!

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