i love weekends!

So i missed the  fucking Atreyu show, since those stupid fucks didnt let anyone by tickets at the door until 9, meanwhile the show started at 7:30… what the fuck was that shit about?!?  who doesnt let anyone into a show to see the fuckin opening bands?!? anyways… made the best of the evening, since someone in our party was under 21 we went out, bought a case of beer, went home, and watched movies and drank until about 2:30… and i was supposed to meet up with my dad at 4:00. opps. yea, so he came over around 5am, and i dont think he was pleased with me or what he saw when he got here… but hey shit fuckin happens.  so after i woke up, gathered my hunting gear, took lydia home, and went off to go "shoot bambis" unfortunately the only thing i had a shot at was illegal to shoot so that was fuckin aggitating.  however i did think a deer was gonna kill me after i got out of my tree. seriously this thing bolted at me from 150 yards away, in pitch black darkness, and stopped under 10' from me. i could have took a step or two and stabbed it if i wanted. after that, i headed to the souf side, where jeremy was missing from the iguana again… and then headed to Dee's where we found Dan's girlfriend… i was pretty fuckin smashed, and cant recall anything that was said.  Lydia ended up in the south side somehow, so we went back to the house around 1ish, where i think we drank more 😀 all i can say, is that the last time i looked at the clock it was 5:30am… woke up today around 12:30, grabbed a beer, cooked breakfast for everyone, then watched the steelers kick ass again.  Then headed to the trails, rode until i was disgusted with the fuckin trails, and headed to the skatepark for a couple hours, which is always fun… i need to go there more often.  came home and drank more… water for me! cut my hairs a few minutes ago, and now i am going to sleep to wake up to the same ol shit at work. work needs to be more interesting…

eh, goodnight… i guess

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