wow what a week

so this week went by really past, primarily because i havent been sleeping much at least for good reasons 😀 anyways tonight is the atreyu show, and i cant wait!!! hopefully i will miss TBS and just see funeral for a friend and atreyu… i dont have any cash to drink this weekend either, which all in all cant be a bad thing right?so this morning, i woke up because the plumbers were supposed to come, and the person i was layin in bed with actually up and decided to cook breakfast. badass! im definately not used to that, i normally wake up, shower, and leave. so that was quite an interesting surprise.lastnight c1'ers went to dee's cafe where i got 8 packs of smokes for free. woohoo, and i dont even remember exactly what all went down there, so that can only mean i had a good time, right? aside from that this week i really behaved myself, at least on the drinking side 😉 5 hours to go until the show starts… waiting rather impatiently… lata!

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