i feel…

i fuckin feel like death right now… what the fuck did i do last night?

posted later:

ok so i went to some cash blast thing last night, were i won all the money i spent on the ticket to get in and all the booze i bought on friday night plus some back… by my winning streak on the money wheel. it was free beer all night… so i was pretty trashed, but boozing it up and gambling seems to be a good thing for me… i mean i started with $10 and left with about $75. so then we (dom, heather and myself) went to iguana grill, where i got yelled at again by jackie 🙂 and once again was forced to sit at a table… its just not the same anymore there 🙁 came home, got pissed off and learned that my tv will win in a fight with a can of shaving cream, or at least put up a good fight, as they are both showing damage… shortly thereafter, curled up in bed alone as usual and passed out.

today watched the steeler game and clear coated most of project redneck while drinkin with my dad. he's funny drunk!  anyways the truck looks fuckin great now.

anyways i think i am gonna go ridin, lata

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