oh thank… whomever

i made it to friday, well kinda… woohoo hopefully this weekend will last forever, but inevitably monday will come… i didnt do anything much as of late, wednesday night there was happy hour in shady side which ended up with myself, chris, and reg hanging out at some place called mardi gras… it was interesting not quite what i expected with the name, but we cant all have what we want. i learned that i was bitching about the past few x-es at one point and was really fired up about it at the time.  i wonder what the hell i said… oh well. i can vent every now and then right? 😉 fuck!

anyways…  i think i should maybe turn the furnace on here… its going into the thirty's tonight!! i cant wait for it to snow! i just wish my truck have 4 wheel drive so i can have to fun i used to have in it dragging people around on snowboards and whatnot… this year i refuse to let rick drag me though, that was fuckin scary!  got new windows in the house today… im kinda happy since it drowns out the road noise, but now people can see in my house… and i was always curious if people were looking into my bedroom when i had company but now… phew they'll be able to see right in! eh fuck it, it doesnt matter, i stopped caring… (that was real quick 😉 ) also i like the house to appear dark and dreary kinda like a dungeon, but now more sunlight comes in.  i wish i could paint the walls dark gray and get all black furniture and flaming lights (like on all the old houses in Charleston)… that be so badass! speaking of dark… its that time of the year, where i leave work and its pitch black outside.  nothing in life is more depressing than that…

i really cant wait for the atreyu show… that ill most likely be at by myself and i doubt i will drive to pick anyone up to go, since i work like 2 blocks away from were they are playing and traffic in oakland fucking blows! but yea… punk/hardcore/screamo shows are my freedom. i need more of them.

well im gonna go excercise at 2:00am and then have a nice lil nyquil nap, only to go through another day of nightmarish repetition of failing… and then hopefully the good 'ol southside bars that i love.

rock on!

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