case of the mondays…

i really hate mondays! ok, i am having some really sharp pains in my chest right now, and i feellike keeling over and dying! anyways i has a fun weekend as normal. friday, luke and i were at the moose, ran into jeremy and summer. after that went to dee's where luke was hitting on a girl with a 8' mohawkthat was just badass… then we traveled our way down to margaritaville, where we ran into jeremy again, andhung out with the miller girls, until about 1ish when we decided to go home since i had to be up at 4:00… but i never went to sleep anywaysso after no sleep we went hunting were i fell asleep hugging a tree 20' up. didnt see any buck, but i did see the three doe i normally see. so in light of this aggrevation i left at noon. went home, did somestuff and then went to the tattoo convention. fun stuff! a whole hotel floor of people covered in tattoosthen me, dom, and heather met up with luke at the moose again, met some fucking FREAKS and had my ass grabbed a many times so i will not quite complain there… left there because it was packed and i dont think dom and heather werequite enjoying it as much as me and luke and headed to the iguana. hung out there and then left for the olmargaritaville after luke stormed off. yea he was pissed… anyways margaritaville sucked. playeddarts for a while and went home at close, hammered off my ass! sunday, i basically did nothing, and it was everything i thought it could be. went to the walmart zoo picked up some random things, and went home and watched the steelers kick ass!and now here i am, back at work, shirt sticking to my chest, and just annoyed at everything… fucki cant wait until i retire!

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