sick and tired

i am sick and tired of this day to day life, not having any money to do anything, and i dread waking up togo to work anymore! It's fucking bulshit! then i come to work, get extremely pissed off, work my 9 fuckinhour shift and leave, in absolute fear that i have to come back to see the same people, with the sameproblems that i cant fix because the way things are here… go home, where there are a million things that ishould do, but i am sooo burned out psychologically that i need to just leave the house. it doesnt matterwhere i go, the point is that i am not there and im not at work! I mean things could be really better, but iam not really sure on which step to make first. I need to find something here… an escape from reality. Im nottalking about drugs, but something to keep my mind of this nightmarish bullshit… like a beer, a woman, i dunno, something! shit needs to change here, before i just lose it! fuck! i do listen to alot of musicand that makes me happy, especially finding new talent out there on the punk/hardcore/screamo scene. anywaysi should get my ass back to work, staring at IP addresses as they fly by my eyes, staring at graphs, andpatiently waiting my pending approval for my exchange upgrade proposal to go through…TALL CANS IN THE AIR, LEMME SEE'EM FUCK YOU!-dm

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