a few quick notes

if you ever get drunk and start burning your arm with lit cigarettes and matches, think twice before you do so, no matter how drunk or pissed off you may be. 

Secondly, after a few months go by and your all scarred and you are sick of people asking what happened to your arm, i highly recommend NOT trying to sand off the scars with a pumice stone.  My original plan was to use a palm sander with some 40 grit paper, and im thinking that would have done better, since it would have gouged it out better rather than just irritating you. 

*change of subject*
Guys, i love riding my bike! not many will get that.  lately when i come home, i want a cigarette. i try not to, by strapping on the mp3 player grabbin the ol' bike and just head out riding.  now there isnt much to ride in brentwood, but just going out doin manuals over weird shit is good enough for me.  i really like pissin the people driving down brownsville off 😀  i just need to find something more exciting to ride in the damn neighborhood before this gets boring…

playing with candlewax is fun!

psychobilly and screamo fuckin rock!  i dont think alot of people would use those two genres of music in one sentence, but fuck them! i dont care, i do what i want!

im goin to fuckin bed, sober, without the taste of cigarettes in my mouth, and sore as ever. so ha!

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