another weekend passes by….

friday night was just full of all kinds of fun… went to Rugger's after work with some co-workers for our new beer pong addictions, were my team was undefeated almost the entire time, up until the last game.  Believe me, i have no problem at all loosing in that game 🙂  anyways, right before we left, i was treated to my first car bomb ever, which kicked ass!  So then off we went to Chris's pumkinfest thing, were i also had my first keg stand! (i didnt go to alot of keg parties in school) met some cool people there, and someone outside was roasting a pig in some big black trailer.  I didnt get to eay any pig since i left when i did. I just found out a little bit ago that i took a picture of it, see:

anyways i got myself really drunk there, and the last thing i remember was being outside for the displaying of the pumpkins everyone carved, either holding someone up, or they were holding me up… and i heard someone down the road yelling at everyone to get inside, so i turned around and screamed, YO! FUCK YOU! and then i heard, someone say, did you just say fuck you to that cop?!?  i kinda freaked out, and learned that i have a big mouth. 15 minutes later, i think i left that place, hopefully people do not hate me for that…  so i started walking for my truck, hiccupping the entire way.  went home, at some chicken soup and went to sleep…

So then i was supposed to go hunting sunday, but i am flat broke! i couldnt afford gas to drive out to were we normally go, which really sucked, since i could have gotten a ride with my dad if i would have driven over there when i went home.  went out later that night, over Joe's house, since i couldnt afford to go support Skrewloose in the Zippo Hot Tour at the 31st street pub.  Watched a bunch of movies, and got drunk… woohoo!

Today, i tried as hard as i could to get Project Redneck done, in which i almost succedded. I wasted my entire day on that, and didnt get home and cleaned up in time to go do something fun 🙁

thats was my weekend, and now here i am, late sunday night wishing it was friday night…

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