the coolest tuesday ever… is it tuesday???

ok i may have no idea what day of the week it is right now, but i just got back from the social d / tiger army show out at rostraver! this fucking show kicked ass! i think i saw summer from the iguana there, and i met up with todd from work and his buddy.  i mean god damn this show fucking rocked! i got really fucking hammered before i walked in there, ALONE FOR THAT FUCKING MATTER! but it was all good.. granted i spent 33% more than i wanted to, but fuck it, whats trying to be punk all about anyways. fuck bills and what not. who fucking cares if i cant afford gas to get to work??? i certainly dont!!! i mean i am at work again @ 12:00 midnight about to try the worst fucking thing in the world, and i have no MSCEs on my side for this one!

anyhow, here i go breaking a mail server while chatting with anyone possible… fuck it, the mail server, its now being dcpromo'ed… and if i fail FUCK IT I DONT FUCKING CARE!

all i know is that i have a new found respect for tiger army, being i was one of the few cheering for them in the crowd when i was in the pit!

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