poverty rocks!!! well i spent the last paycheck of mine on bills 2 days after i got it, and i havent had any real money to buy anything but lunch for the past week and a half. i substitued my lunch money for 1/2 a case of beer money, and i came home with the intention of just passing out on some nyquil and sudafed, but those didnt do the trick!!!  so i got hungry… opened up all the cabinets here, and found nothing but shitty fucking food. however upon further inspection, i found and consumed the following: 2 dry instant oatmeal packages, 3 slices of cheese, and a handful or precut peperoni. and 1 beer, and 1/4 bottle of nyquil. now thats what i call healthy. actually i did take a multi vitamin and a vitamin c to try and get rid of this cold so i cant try to go huntin on saturday, but i dont think its gonna work.  but tomorrow is payday so i think i am gonna eat alot of something for lunch wherever i go. i cant wait! im such a fucking loser. 
anyways… halloween is approaching and i need to figure out something to do, as of late, i have been dressing really non-professional for work so i was thinking of just that! funny i can only sit here and think about last years halloween, and the shit i did for that! i wish i was in about a year ago, cause i would change a few things… but fuck it. the past is the past, the future is now. if this is my future, i am fucked!!!

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