Tuesdays suck

so here i am, on tuesday, and in a lil bit of pain here… i stretched every piercing on my body up 4 guages, by myself.  I wasnt drunk, however the ears didnt hurt one bit.  The nipples on the other hand… Fuck!  i had the one to a 12g before, but i just rammed the 10g CBRs through, from a 14g. damn… it was like twice as worse as the initial piercing (that didnt hurt at all actually, until the next day or two)   This not being drunk every night sucks… i have two to four drinks, and just fall asleep.  And for the first time in a long time, a pack of cigarettes lasted me over 2 days!!!!! oh well.  its all for the better!  im really bored right now. its 9pm and i have nothing to do.  i wish i had someone and some money to go play pool with… maybe i should save my money? on second thought, maybe i should call someone!

NOTE: playing with butterfly knifes is rather dangerous!

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