and along comes another monday…

ok so im now getting sick and it pisses me off. i thought i smoked to many cigarettes saturday night, however its becoming appearant that is NOT the case.  Throats inflamed, nose is stuffy, sinus headaches… winter is coming 🙂  I had a really weird weekend again. Friday night i drank like a fish, downing 1.5 pitcher in an hour, and then going to a show at mr smalls where it was like a keg party, and 5 bucks bought you a cup, and i took complete advantage of that and just keep on downing them, and the last thing i really remember was slamdancing with luke which just ended up being a fist fight kinda thing where we both left bloody 🙂 then there are little things, like getting cigarettes, sitting down in front of my computer but not touching it, and crawling into the sheets. then i remembered it was time to go to my dads to go hunting, magically i ended up with my truck that i left at work. 

went to my dads, loaded the jeep, realized i forgot a TON of stuff, but still went, wearing a wife beater and my generic etnies instead of boots. Got to the woods at like 5:30 so it was still dark.  got to my tree around 6ish, and climbed it, and i was just about to light a smoke up, when suddenly my zippo fell 20' to the ground. this was probably ok, being deer wouldnt come my way if i had that cigarette, but the deer didnt come anyways. however before sunrise came i heard some rustling leaves in front of me. i was so excited cause i was gonna shoot the first deer i saw so i could go home and sleep. but this was no deer. it was a racoon, which was coming right for my tree, so i was a lil concerned. the little bastard climbed right up the tree next to me which was 5' away. when it was right in front of me i whistled at it, and it stopped and stared at me for a while. it was weird! then it continued its way up the tree.  i want a racoon for a pet. those things kick ass. ok but anyways… i was getting pissed off that i wasnt seeing deer, so i decided to move my tree stand about 50 yards, where i found buck rubs and deer beds.  then i sat there for a long time, not even moving my thumbs. saw a deer 60-70 yards away which i tried to lure closer to me by grunting.  i heard something behind me so i slowly turned my head.  there was a deer 15 yards away!! saw i pull the bow back, and as i was aiming, a little fawn walked in front of it. Fuck! i couldnt shoot bambi's mom in front of bambi!! then those two went on thier way and i turned my attention to the other one. never got a good enough shot, so i went home empty handed 🙁 i have now wasted 25 hours in the woods. im not pleased with that, but oh well.

Then i got back to my dads, and headed back to the soufside with Dom and just hung out at The Iguana.  I set a limit on myself to only spend $5 on beer ($1.25 specials) but that didnt quite work.

Sunday i went to jeffs as normal to feed his cat, and was liftin 135 for a while (i dont regularly work out) but got bored with that, so i went to 175. instantly dropped the fucking thing on my chest! so i had to tilt the wieghts off before it killed me. Then i went out with someone up in Cranberry at Quaker Steak. Man! that place is crowded on sunday nights! Only had 2 beers, cause im trying to reduce my blood/alcohol level a tad 😉

and now here i am working on IDS trying to tweak the shit out of it…. my weekends are much more fun than the weekdays 🙁

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